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Changes (5 Jan 2013)

The following domains are no longer supported:

These will continue to redirect to until February 2013.

Where the memes at?

All you have to do is GET one of these URLs:


There are some differences between text and html output:

text html
Emphasis _DERP_ <em>DERP</em> DERP
Smart quotes IT'S IT&rsquo;S IT’S
Ellipsis ... &#8230;
Em dash -- &mdash;
Snowman SNOWMAN &#9731;


Ten memes are returned by default. Change this by appending ?lines=n to the URL, where n is a number in the range 1–80. For example:

If you liked Automeme before it was cool, use the vocab=hipster parameter for some unique hipster words.

Further info

Clients should handle HTTP redirects, which can occur if changes are made to the API. Significant API changes will be posted to the Automeme blog.

Diving in

From a shell


Javascript with jQuery

var url = '',
    memes = [];
$.getJSON(url, function(result) {
    memes = result;


import urllib
url = ''
memes = urllib.urlopen(url).read().splitlines()
print memes[0]


require 'open-uri'
url = ''
memes = open(url).read.split("\n")
puts memes.first


use LWP::Simple;
getprint '';


$url  = '';
$meme = file_get_contents($url);
echo $meme;

Legacy API

These old API commands still work:

Current API Old API
/text /moar.txt
/html /moar.html
/text.json /moar.txt.json
/html.json /moar.html.json

These will also work with the domain.


The following domains are no longer supported:


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